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HH/HCN Providers:

Please note, submitted cases that do not include attached documentation will now be rejected within 5 days instead of original 10 days. This is effective immediately per determination made jointly with DHS. Posted 2/13/24


Vital Information: Please view the most current Documentation Requirements .  Posted 2/13/24





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It gives us great pride to share that we are now Acentra Health!

All future correspondences will be marked with the Acentra Logo, however; our current website (www.mhcp.kepro.com) as well as existing email addresses will be migrating in the coming months. Please watch for future announcements on how this may impact you.

For more information, please visit https://acentra.com/.

PROVIDERS: To make sure that your request gets routed to the right department, please only use reconsideration on previously denied cases.

If you are needing additional units, please make the request on the original case.  Please do not create a new case.

  • Prior Auth = services which are currently being received or a  date span that includes today's date
  • Retro= services or dates which have been completed

Choose Reconsideration: only on existing cases in which a service or date span has previously been denied. 

Please email MNProviderIssues@kepro.com for assistance.

Training available: https://mhcp.kepro.com/training.

Psychiatric admission for Inpatient level of care update:


Per DHS directive 07.13.2023, the discharge date is not required for an approved IP psychiatric admission review. The approved date of admission is displayed as a single line date of service in Atrezzo/ANG and will not display in the from/to field in MMIS for the IHA. The review status with admission date can be found in both Atrezzo/ANG notes section and with the DHS and Provider comment sections of the IHA in MMIS.

Providers do not need to submit clinical information to make any amendment or update to existing IHA’s.

Please contact Provider Help Desk at 651-431-2700 or email 

dhs.healthcare-providers@state.mn.us for provider assistance with your claims/billing questions.


The most recent PowerPoint Presentation describing the DHS review process including updated ANG screenshots has been uploaded to the Kepro-Acentra Training Page. You can select "Training" from the blue menu on  the left, then Mental Health "+" then select Extended Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment Services Training PowerPoint



Please note as of October 1st retroactive requests for removable prostheses will no longer be down coded to alternate services.   If the recipient does not meet criteria for the code / service completed, the service will be denied.

If the service that was completed does not meet criteria, an alternate code will not be approved.

Reference MN statute 3100.6200 subpart D & I / 146A.08 subdivision 1 ( o ).


Please ensure that all clinical documentation follows all record keeping rules in accordance with MHCP requirements, state, federal and MN BOD guidelines when submitting requests.  (posted 9/28/23)

Dental Providers Submitting D1110 Requests:

In collaboration with DHS, the Questionnaire has been updated to include additional required information as of 2/13/23, as highlighted below.

Questionnaire Screen Shot for Hot Topic 2.14


On January 11, 2023 the Kepro Provider Portal will fully migrate to the new system and access to the old system will be turned off.

Training resources for the new system are located on the Training Page of the MHCP website, or by following this link: https://mhcp.kepro.com/training >Expand Atrezzo Provider Portal.

Please access the new system by following the link on the homepage of MHCP.Kepro.com or by clicking on this link: ANG Provider Portal Link.

Please contact the MN Customer Service team with any questions or issues related to signing in or accessing the new portal. 

MN Customer Service: 866-433-3658  | MNproviderIssues@kepro.com


For each quadrant being requested, you must create a procedure line (IE: 4 quadrants will require 4 procedure entries).  Then for each procedure line, you must choose the quadrant requested for that procedure line. Click here for detailed instructions.


MHCP Atrezzo Portal Administrator Training Video -- Administrators

MHCP Atrezzo Portal Login -- All users

MN Atrezzo Provider Portal System Training -- All users on full portal functionality.


These trainings can be found on the Training tab by expanding the Atrezzo Provider Portal Section.

December 5th: Atrezzo is getting a Facelift! 

On December 5th, 2022, the Atrezzo Provider Portal will be updated with a new and improved version.  

Additional benefits include:

  • Web-based platform
  • Email notification of updates to cases
  • Increased ease in uploading documents
  • All login information will remain the same for the new platform


MN 1115 SUD Demonstration Providers

ASAM is providing a standardized version of the ASAM criteria to the public in the hopes of increasing the quality and consistency of patient assessments and individualized, patient centered care.


Please see the July 26, 2022 e-memo from DHS for additional details:

7/26/22 Behavioral Health e-Memo.

-Posted 8/9/22

 DBT PROVIDERS: Updated DBT IOP Authorization Form (DHS – 6322)

An updated DBT IOP Authorization Form, DHS 6322 has been released for immediate use.

This form can be found on the MN DHS website by following this link:

DHS-6322-ENG (Initial Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Authorization) (state.mn.us)

Please update your records and begin to submit all appropriate cases with this documentation.

Posted 6/24/22

Reminders for Case Submissions:

1. Review the below request type definitions to determine the most appropriate selection:

  • Prior Authorization - the service(s) or item(s) have not been provided yet. This request is to seek prior approval.
  • Retrospective - the service(s) or item(s) have already been rendered prior to requesting for authorization.
  • Reconsideration – this form of request is submitted following a medical necessity/Medical director denial. The denial letter received via MN-ITs has details on how to submit reconsideration requests to Kepro (please note, Kepro does not handle appeals). This request should be received within 20 working days of the date of the denial.  

2. Review Timeframe

  • Kepro has up to 10 business days to take initial action (approve, deny, or pend for additional information) on a prospective authorization request.
  • Kepro has up to 20 business days to take initial action (approve, deny, or pend for additional information) on retrospective and reconsideration requests.
    • change requests will be processed within 20 business days
  • If a request is pended for additional information needed, providers have up to 15 calendar days to return all requested information. Failure to respond may result in denial and require a new Authorization to restart the process with all documentation necessary to make a determination.
  1. Verify eligibility and Authorization Requests and Medicare or Third-Party Liability (TPL) Coverage prior to submitting requests.

** For additional information on authorization requirements refer to the below MHCP Provider Manual link**


Posted March 8, 2022

ASAM Criteria Assessment Interview Guide

ASAM is providing a standardized version of the ASAM criteria to the public in the hopes of increasing the quality and consistency of patient assessments and individualized, patient centered care.


Please see the July 26, 2022 e-memo from DHS for additional details:

7/26/22 Behavioral Health e-Memo.

DME Reminder

Providers, when creating a PA for DME and supplies, please use S=Supply as indicated below.

DME Hot Topic Image

EIDBI Providers, Kepro has two announcements:

Kepro has added two new documents under the CMDE/EIDBI provider training tab.

These checklists have been created to assist providers with submitting EIDBI ITP and CMDE authorizations. Each case will be reviewed to ensure all necessary documentation has been provided and services requested meet medical necessity criteria outlined in EIDBI policy.

Effective Feb. 1, 2022, EIDBI providers are only required to complete a CMDE once every three years for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or related conditions.

Families still may request a CMDE once per year, if they choose. Providers may complete CMDEs once per year without prior authorizations when clinically appropriate and within service limits listed on the EIDBI billing grid. For more information, visit the full announcement:

Change to EIDBI comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluation (CMDE) policy.


DME Equipment & Supplies

Nutritional Products and Related Supplies:

Under Covered Services, we added In-line cartridge containing digestive enzymes (HCPCS code B4105) as a covered MHCP benefit beginning Oct. 1, 2021.

Click here for more detailed information in the DHS Manual.


Effective DATE 10/8/2021 - Please be advised  Service Agreements will no longer be created for EIDBI requests for administrative reasons such as:

  • All required documents not included;
  • Provider NPI not valid;
  • Request represents a duplicate authorization;
  • Or when Recipients have active PPHP.  If you require a medical necessity review only for a client that has active PPHP, please indicate that in the case note before submission. 

*Please note, this is not an all-inclusive list.

Reminder:  All messages will be communicated through the Atrezzo Portal Message system.  Please login to Atrezzo to check messages/notifications frequently. Please be advised when responding to requests for additional information, clinical rationale/medical necessity information must be captured within the physical record (written documentation) and not solely entered as a case note. Additionally, before submitting requests for EIDBI services, please check recipient eligibility to prevent delay in services. Kepro is the medical review agent for MN MA only.

EIDBI 0373T Code Has Been Added

The 0373T code with UB modifier for higher intensity intervention services has been added to the ITP form and effective as of Thursday 10/14/2021.   This code and modifier are now available when creating Cases in the Kepro Atrezzo Portal.

Verbal consent of individual treatment plans (ITPs) through telehealth

A temporary peacetime emergency waiver allowing the recipient's verbal or electronic written approval of the ITP or change in the ITP for mental health services or assessments delivered through telehealth remains in effect beginning Sept. 1 2021, based on new legislation. You may document the recipient's verbal approval or electronic written approval of the treatment plan or change in the treatment plan instead of obtaining the recipient's signature. 

This is effective Sept. 1, 2021 for providers of the following services:

  • Intensive Rehabilitative Mental Health Services
  • Children's Therapeutic Support Services
  • Intensive Treatment Foster Care
  • Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services
  • Adult Mental Health Mobile Crisis Services
  • Children's Mental Health Mobile Crisis Services
  • Outpatient Mental Health

Call the Minnesota Health Care Programs Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411 if you have questions about this message.

Home Health/Home Care Nursing Providers:

Please be advised, effective Monday, August 2nd 2021, a new case will need to be created for recertification requests. Additionally, as a reminder, please complete the questionnaire.

CMDE Providers Effective 6/16/2021:

For case submission - the only procedure code that can be submitted is 97151 with Modifier U8. 

 NOTE: You must attach the Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation (CMDE) Form with the Signature Page. This Form is available in the drop down selection when you are attaching your document(s).  

EIDBI Providers Effective 6/16/2021:

The only procedure codes that can be submitted are: 97153, 97154, 97155, 97156, 97157, H0032, AND H0046 with modifier UB. 

 NOTE: You must attach the Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) Form with the Signature Page. This Form selection is available in the drop down when you are attaching your document(s).  


Respiratory Equipment

  •  Under Covered Services, we provided two examples of when both a portable and stationary ventilator may be covered.

  • Under Noncovered Services, we added a reminder that manual resuscitation bags are covered.

  •  Under Authorization, we explained authorization requests for a second ventilator must include a letter of medical necessity and we added the criteria that must be addressed and documentation required in the letter of medical necessity.

Update - Faster Approval of Prophylaxis D1110 Request within 2 Business Days

Effective 08/10/2021 -  The number of additional prophies approved for the current calendar year will be calculated based on the date of the first Prophy and MRC submitted on the questionnaire. The approved dates will be backdated to January 1st of the current year to allow for the authorization to be used for retrospective D1110 for the CURRENT calendar year.


1st Prophy date 08/02/2021, 3 MRC, 2 calendar year(s).

1 additional D1110 approved for the period 01/01/2021 to 12/31/2021. 3 additional D1110 approved for the period 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2022.

Reminder: Submit D1110 requests independent of other Dental Requests. D1110 requests submitted for auto-approval will receive authorization within 2 business days and for up to 2 calendar years.

PLEASE NOTE: Retrospective requests for the PRIOR calendar year must be submitted on a separate case.


Kepro is URAC accredited in Health Utilization Management and Case Management. We are also licensed to perform medical reviews in 29 states.